Price calculation for EU- & non-EU-countries

Important note: In order to correctly display the item prices including VAT (for EU countries) or excluding VAT (for non-EU countries), you will be asked to correctly enter the delivery country when you enter our website. You can change your selection later. To do so, use the country selection at the bottom of our website. If you change the delivery country again in the checkout, your item prices will be recalculated based on your input.

Price calculation for shipping to EU-countries:
We are obliged to use the one-stop shop procedure for shipments within the EU. This means that the item price includes VAT applicable in your country. This may result in a different gross price (e.g. 27% VAT for Hungary vs. 19% VAT in Germany).

Price calculation for shipping to non-EU-countries (third countries):
Deliveries to non-EU-countries are made as tax-free export deliveries.

When shipping to non-EU countries, additional taxes or costs (e.g. import sales taxes, customs duties, consumption taxes) may be incurred as part of your order, which are not paid by us or invoiced by us, but must be paid by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. Please contact the relevant authorities for details.