Gebr. Alexander Azubi Star 2019

Wow! The Azubi Star of the year 2019 is our apprentice Sönke Vogelsberg. We are very proud!

Recently we reported on the company anniversaries of two of our employees. Experienced employees are very important for our companys success but with view to the future we train young talents in the apprenticeship “metal wind instrument maker” every year.

The price “Azubi Star” was created by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Rheinhessen, the Chamber of Crafts Rheinhessen, the Allgemeine Zeitung and some regional companies to award apprentices for voluntary engagements.

12 young people were nominated this year and we are very proud that Sönke Vogelsberg ist one of two winners. As a passionate musician he is involved in various ensembles, is lecturer in trombone training, repairs musical instruments for the association “Brass for Peace” in Bethlehem voluntarily and completed the first year of vocational school with great success.

Congratulations Sönke Vogelsberg, we are pleased to have such a dedicated trainee in our team.

Click here to see Sönkes apllication video for the Azubi Star click and here for the video of the award ceremony click.

Picture: Lukas Görlach, VRM