301 Lightweight

F/Bb/high-F Triple Horn · Model 301 light(weight)

The fully developed triple horn Model 301 lightweight in F/Bb/high-F closes an important loophole for demanding professionals.

Many hornists have wished for a full triple horn with the sound characteristics of the famous Alexander Model 103. This goal has been achieved by a solution which is both brilliant and complex. The addition of a valve where the lead-pipe meets the bell branch has allowed the incorporation of the high F horn into the design of the Model 103.

In doing so, the advantageous characteristics of the Model 103 have remained unchanged. The original dimensions have been retained, and the F/Bb change valve remains in its usual place.

The high F horn has been optimised by the addition of a separate bell branch. The use of different bores has consciously been avoided to retain evenness of sound and articulation. The musician, therefore, obtains a reliable triple horn with the option of shifting to the high F horn for especially difficult passages. In this way the transition from double horn to triple horn is effortlessly achieved.

Through the employment of weight-optimised parts, the overall weight of the instrument compared to its predecessor has been significantly reduced. Most of these were modifications in the valve cluster. In the 301 lightweight model, the three main valves have been manufactured in a smaller diameter. Instead of the usual 27mm for the double horn, the casings are only 25mm in size. The two change valves have also been spared unnecessary weight by the use of a special lightweight design. In addition, aluminum has been used as the material for the screw caps and rotor stops. The spun flare is manufactured with the lightest version as standard (0.5mm thickness of the original sheet). Further design modifications such as slim valve levers and stays, as well as a narrow screw ring, continue the concern with reducing weight.

The tonal balance, carrying capacity and the characteristic Alexander sound remain unchanged by the weight reduction.


Bell flare diameter:
Bell throat:
Body size:
No. of valves:
No. of thumb valves:
F/Bb/High F (optional also in high Eb)
12,1 mm
310 mm
Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
Thumb valves customizable to stand in preferred key
Optional with screw bell available
Optional bell with nickel-silver garland available
Based on Model 103
Lead pipe / bell valve with string action
1th to 3rd valve also available with string action instead of unibal joints
Equipped with adjustable finger hook and Flipper