301 Lightweight

F/Bb/High F Triple Horn · Model 301 Lightweight

The completely new developed full triple horn Model 301 lightweight in F/Bb/high F closes a gap for professional horn players. Many hornists have been searching for a full triple horn with the sound characteristics of the famous Alexander Model 103. This was achieved by a solution which is quite brilliant and complex. The placement of a valve where the leadpipe meets the bell branch allows the high F horn to be incorporated into the successful design of Model 103.

In this solution the advantageous characteristics of the Model 103 are fully maintained. The original dimensions are kept and the F/Bb change valve remains at its common place. The high F horn is optimized by a separate bell branch. The use of different bores is consciously avoided in order to retain the evenness of sound and articulation.

With Model 301 the musician receives a reliable triple horn with the option of shifting to the high F horn for especially difficult passages. The transition from double horn to triple horn is made an effortless one. In addition weight-optimized parts are used, which drastically reduce the overall weight of the instrument.


Bell flare diameter:
Bell throat:
Body size:
No. of valves:
No. of thumb valves:
F/Bb/High F (optional also in high Eb)
12,1 mm
310 mm
Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
Thumb valves customizable to stand in preferred key
Optional with screw bell available
Optional bell with nickel-silver garland available
Based on Model 103
Lead pipe / bell valve with string action
1th to 3rd valve also available with string action instead of unibal joints
Equipped with adjustable finger hook and Flipper