F/Bb Double Horn Model 503

The double horn has established itself as the orchestral instrument of choice. The combination of full Bb and F horn offers the musician great flexibility in intonation and tone. There is also a definite correlation between mass and tonal projection. With full double horns the thumb valve serves to change to either the shorter Bb horn or the longer F horn.

The change valve of Model 503 is arranged at a 90° angle. Model 503 has been chosen twice as the winner of the German Musical Instrument Award (1995 & 2005).


Bell flare diameter:
Bell throat:
Body size:
No. of valves:
No. of thumb valves:
F/Bb or Bb/F
12,1 mm
310 mm
Medium Large
Yellow brass
Fully independent Bb and F valve slides
Change valve set at 90°
Winner Instrument of the German Musical Instrument Award 1995 & 2005
A fully featured instrument designed to satisfy professional demands.