F/Bb Double Horn · Model 1106 Heldenhorn

This model is our newest double horn in the range of our instruments. A double horn in a similar design was built as early as the 1970s. The idea for this early model arose from discussions with the American horn player Milan Yancich (1921 – 2007, horn player, i.a. Chicago Symphony and Cleveland Orchestra; teacher, i.a. Eastman School of Music). For this model essential elements of the Geyer construction method were adopted and transferred to our K-model (model 1103). In total, a good dozen of these horns were made and they became known as the “Heldenhorn”.

As the international interest in Geyer-style horns has increased steadily in recent years, we revived the idea of the “Heldenhorn” again in 2016. We built a few prototypes of this new model for an exhibition trip to Australia where they met with an enthusiastic response. Through intensive exchange of ideas and tests with professional horn players from home and abroad, a production model of this horn was soon developed and in 2017 offered to horn players with the model number 1106.

The basis of our new “Heldenhorn” is the 1103 K-model. The body and the taper of the leadpipe and bell are identical for both horns. The main difference between these models is the layout of the F horn. The tight bends in the F branch of the 1103 have been opened out in the “Heldenhorn” to one sweeping bend coming straight out of the valve block and running in an open wrap along the body. With this construction – starting with the long leadpipe and continuing with the open wrap layout – we achieve a very pleasant, light response. The model is built as standard in yellow brass with a screw bell and a hand-hammered spout. This gives the horn excellent carrying power and an unmistakably typical Alexander sound that also blends easily with other Alexander models.


Bell flare diameter:
Bell throat:
Body size:
No. of valves:
No. of thumb valves:

F/Bb or Bb/F
12,1 mm
310 mm
Medium Large
Yellow brass
Fully independent Bb and F valve slides
Changing valve with string action
hand-hammered spout
detachable bell