Bb Baritone Tuba · Model 151

Alexander tenor horns and baritones are characterized by their broadly proportioned but light construction. The body is bent in one piece and the entire series is manufactured with nickel silver appointments on the main bugel. The series is complemented by a 4 valve tenor horn (Model 146) which was the winner instrument of the German Musical Instrument Award 2013. The large bore of the instruments yields a full, characteristic sound in all registers.

The baritone tuba (Spanish baritone) Model 151 was originally the preference of Spanish Banda musicians. Since then the baritone tuba has proven itself a worthwhile substitute for the euphonium. The bore of the tubing is taken from the baritone, but the expansion of bell branch and bell is much more pronounced. Upon special request the instrument can be manufactured with an auxiliary valve.

Bell flare diameter:
Bell throat:
Body size:
No. of valves:
No. of thumb valves:
15,5 mm
310 mm
Yellow brass or gold brass
Upright form
Nickel silver garland
Picture shows optional auxiliary valve.