Gebr. Alexander provides winner of “Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks” 2015

The winner of the “Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks” 2015 in the category “brass instruments” is our former trainee Jan-Christoph Metz. Congratulations to Jan-Christoph Metz on this award. We are glad to employ another national winner in our team.

The competition takes place in various categories every year at the Oscar-Walcker-School in Ludwigsburg which is also the place where the trainees are trained.

Gebr. Alexander was also awarded this year with the “Educational-Oskar” from Oscar-Walcker-School for outstanding achievements in training.


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Photo: Training Master Dieter Ultes and 1. Bundessieger Jan-Christoph Metz