Gebr. Alexander Azubi Star 2019

Wow! The Azubi Star of the year 2019 is our apprentice Sönke Vogelsberg. We are very proud!

Recently we reported on the company anniversaries of two of our employees. Experienced employees are very important for our companys success but with view to the future we train young talents in the apprenticeship “metal wind instrument maker” every year.

The price “Azubi Star” was created by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Rheinhessen, the Chamber of Crafts Rheinhessen, the Allgemeine Zeitung and some regional companies to award apprentices for voluntary engagements.

12 young people were nominated this year and we are very proud that Sönke Vogelsberg ist one of two winners. As a passionate musician he is involved in various ensembles, is lecturer in trombone training, repairs musical instruments for the association “Brass for Peace” in Bethlehem voluntarily and completed the first year of vocational school with great success.

Congratulations Sönke Vogelsberg, we are pleased to have such a dedicated trainee in our team.

Click here to see Sönkes apllication video for the Azubi Star click and here for the video of the award ceremony click.

Picture: Lukas Görlach, VRM

How to build a french horn

Musikalischer Maßanzug

Sorry, there is no translation for this news-article. 

Ein ausführlicher Bericht über unsere Blechblasinstrumentenmanufaktur im Magazin “Unser Rheinhessen”.

Den Bericht können Sie hier einsehen:

Gebr. Alexander International Music Festival

  • intensive music learning with internationally renown musicians in Germany
  • interacting with european professors as well as information of studying abroad
  • ensemble coached by masters and the privilege to hear the festivals artists’ concerts
  • three day study-tour experience in Bavaria


Date: August 13th-17th 2017 in Feldberg/Germany

For more information do not hesitate to contact

9th concert of the Alexander Horn Ensemble Japan

It is a great honor to announce the 9th concert of the Alexander Horn Ensemble Japan on June 23, 2017 in Tokyo. We are really looking forward so much for a memorable night in the Yamaha hall!



AHOC1.png480 K
AHOC2.png410 K

Gebr. Alexander Horn Camp 2016 – sign up now!

In 2016 the first Gebr. Alexander Horn Camp in Worms/Germany takes place under the Musical direction of Yi Man (24.-31. July 2016).


Visit the romantic city of Worms this summer and enjoy

• 6 Masterclass days with internationally renowned horn professors

• contact and exchange with professional horn players and students

• Surprise day at the world famous Gebr. Alexander Horn workshop in Mainz



Yi Man, China Philharmonics Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing

Prof. Christian Lampert, Musikhochschulen Basel und Stuttgart

Prof. Xiao-Ming Han, Solohornist Deutsche Radiosinfonie

Christoph Ess, Solohornist Bamberger Symphoniker

Prof. Mahir Kalmik, Solohornist Opern- und Museumsorchester Frankfurt


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Gebr. Alexander provides winner of “Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks” 2015

The winner of the “Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks” 2015 in the category “brass instruments” is our former trainee Jan-Christoph Metz. Congratulations to Jan-Christoph Metz on this award. We are glad to employ another national winner in our team.

The competition takes place in various categories every year at the Oscar-Walcker-School in Ludwigsburg which is also the place where the trainees are trained.

Gebr. Alexander was also awarded this year with the “Educational-Oskar” from Oscar-Walcker-School for outstanding achievements in training.


For more information see:


Photo: Training Master Dieter Ultes and 1. Bundessieger Jan-Christoph Metz

Largest Alexander Model 103 ever built

The largest Alexander Model 103 which was ever built is now mounted to the building of our new workshop in Mainz-Hechtsheim.

Gebr. Alexander
Robert-Koch-Straße 10
55129 Mainz

Gebr. Alexander Double Horn awarded Manufactury-Product of the year 2015

Popular F/B-Double Horn Model 103 by Gebr. Alexander was awarded Manufactury-Product of 2015 by Verband Deutsche Manufakturen e.V..

The invention of the double horn dates back to the year 1904 and was a tremendous improvement for hornists, as it allowed seamless switching between different tunes on one instrument while playing. Until this extraordinary improvement an exchange of the horns was required.

The awarded Double Horn Mod. 103 was patented by Gebr. Alexander in 1909 and has been continuously improved during its so far 106 years of production. More than 40 amazing innovations were implemented into Mod. 103, including developments in collaboration with famous Fraunhofer Institut. Therefore it is no surprise, that Model 103 is the most renowned double horn in the world and established internationally in leading orchestras.

Gebr. Alexander was founded in 1782 and is committed to handcrafted brass instruments of outstanding quality. CEO Philipp Alexander, leading the company in 7th generation, focusses especially on the professional skills of the approximately 70 employees. Among the almost 40 employees in the brass instruments workshop are twelve master craftsmen and six trainees of brass instrument making. Gebr. Alexander is thus exemplary of the traditional crafts in Germany.

v.l. Frank Stephan (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin), Wigmar Bressel (Vors.), Philipp Alexander (Gebr. Alexander), Hartmut Gehring (stellv. Vors.), Daniel Ember (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin)

Verband Deutsche Manufakturen e.V. was founded in 2010 in Bremen/Germany and is committed to the German manufactory traditions. The association promotes traditional quality products, supports the craft culture and future education of skilled professionals.